Cloud-Based Systems. Outside the Box Thinkers

Born in Montreal, QC

Our vision is simple: to drive a more inclusive and connected tomorrow, and cloud-based phone systems are just our how. Not our why. We champion emerging communication technologies, knowing the power they have to transform not only the digital landscape, but the way we communicate and do business globally.

What we achieve today is creating the foundation for a stronger, more immersive future—and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Limitless Possibility

Telico is a brand for the thinkers, the early adopters, the savvy tech embracers, the business-minded, and the productivity enhancers. For the people looking to strategically improve business systems with the latest VoIP technology. Telico is for you, them, and everyone looking to communicate better.

We believe in limitless possibilities. In wondering where technology can take us and then finding a way to transform wonder into a way. We’re constantly questioning and learning everything we can about the latest cloud technologies so we can equip you with the tools you need to have an edge when it comes to communication.

Core Values

We embody excellence.

Our actions, far more than our words, make us stand out. We do what we say, always following
through. We’re the kind of people who show up, who you can rely on, and rest easy knowing
we’re on your team.

We’re early adopters.

Technology is our push and pull. Everything about VoIP, AI, mixed reality, and unified communications keeps us up at night, wondering how it will change the future. But during the day, we’re obsessed with driving the change and shaping the business world of tomorrow.

We connect reliably.

The backbone of communication and cloud-based phone systems is reliability. Our innovative and out-of-the-box methods translate to connectivity every second of every day (or night). Seriously, we don’t do disruption—unless we’re disrupting the status quo.

Reliable, “techy,” and communication connoisseurs—just a few words that describe us.

We’re continuously expanding our team of savvy go-getters, scaling our operations to connect the world in a bigger and more tech-centred way.

Our Leadership Team

Viraj Mehta

CEO & Founder View Bio

Viraj Mehta

CEO & Founder

Blending forward-thinking and creative entrepreneurship with a background in engineering
from McGill University, Viraj is the ultimate technophile. Establishing Telico to transform the
telecommunications industry, Viraj is creating a wave of disruption with his big ideas and evenbigger solutions, which in turn, is driving business growth and industry-wide innovation.

Mohamed Ferrouga

Network Administrator View Bio

Mohamed Ferrouga

Network Administrator

Techy doesn’t even start to cover it when it comes to Mohamed. He’s an exceptional technical
support specialist with an unwavering dedication to problem solving. There is (almost) no problem he can’t solve, and his people-first approach and communication knowledge have
earned him industry-wide recognition as a leader in his field.

Yanis Adafer

Operations Manager View Bio

Yanis Adafer

Operations Manager

What do you get when you combine an engineering graduate from École de Technologie
Supérieure (ETS) and a keen sense of efficiency? An unparalleled operations manager, or as
would say, Yanis. Our operations are perfectly executed because of Yanis, and his dedication to
optimizing processes is how we’ve built our reputation as a company that follows through.

“I have to thank Telico for making my life so much more easier at affordable prices for their products. Also the fact that the process was simple and worked seamlessly is an add on. The support team made this possible.”

Ryan R.
Owner, Tech Company