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Company or Group Features

Our managed phone system includes powerful group communication features that will allow you to better interact with you team and customers. Take advantage of next-generation advancements in business VoIP and cloud computing. Best of all, our service is scalable so we can easily grow with your business.

We are always innovating with new technology and features, but don’t worry.
Our service includes lifetime upgrades at no extra cost!


A Call Queue is a virtual line or call center app, in which callers wait in line to speak with an agent.


Alerts allow you to be notified by email of events such as calls, patterns or costs.

Call Monitoring/Whisper

Spy on the call. Optionally, the spy can talk to the caller. A PIN can be specified to protect this feature.

Caller Routing

Route calls based on callerID or area codes. Provide custom routing to specific client groups.


Conferences allow two or more people to call into the system using online features.

Dial by Name

Dial by name allows callers to reach a person by entering characters of the name on their keypad.

Enhanced Business Phone Lines

Next-generation business phone lines on our all-IP network.

Feature Prefixes

Feature prefixes allow you to modify how the call behaves by adding a prefix to the called number

Page Group

Intercom paging to a group of phones. Destination phones will be requested to “auto-answer”.

Remote Access

Remote access allows you to call into the system then make calls out using your business account.

Time Group

Time groups allow numbers and feature codes to be routed to different destinations at different times of the day or days of the week

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual receptionist menus present a menu to callers and invite them to press a key. It then forwards them to the destination you set for the key. Destinations can be other menus, allowing multiple levels of menu.

Additional Registered Devices

Connect other devices such as home office phones, mobile apps or other SIP systems/devices.

Call Bursting

Additional phone lines available on demand. Extra lines charged @ $0.05/minute

Call Recording

Calls can be recorded in real time, then downloaded as .wav files to be listened to online

Classes of Service

Classes of service allow you to control which numbers users may call.

Custom Music

Custom music on hold for outbound and inbound calls.


Numbers, also known as DIDs, are telephone numbers that external callers can use to call into the system from the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Feature Codes

Feature codes are short codes used to call a particular device, hunt group, etc, from within the system

Hunt Group

Ring group routing with sequential or simultaneous calling for registered users and/or external destinations.

Pickup Group

Members of a pickup group can intercept/answer each others ringing calls.

Speed Dials

Speed dials allow users to dial destinations using fewer key presses

Unlmited North America Calling

Unlmited North American calling with preffered overseas rates.

Online Administration Portal

Use our web interface to control your features from anywhere around the world.